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Help - ASSIST Technical and Registration Support

If you need assistance while using the ASSIST Portal, please call our Technical and Registration Support number below. There is also an on-line feedback system where you can submit issues on-line.

Technical and Registration Phone Support
On-line Feedback
User Account Registration Process Assistance
Username / Password Reset and Recovery
Contact Grouping
Contract Registration
User Account Updates
Order Process Issues
Workflow Support
Problem Reports
Security POC Contact
General Feedback
Problem Reports
Registration Issues
Available Monday through Friday
6 AM to 8 PM EST
Available 7 days a week
24 hours a day

Continental United States

Outside the continental United States

For help with User Account Registration, please see these links:

Process to Register a Contractor User
Process to Register a Contractor Company
Overview of Company POC Role

Process to Register a Client User
Process to Register a Client Organization
Overview of Client POC Role

GSA Employees
Process to Register a GSA Employee
Process for GSA to Register a Client or Contractor (on their behalf)
Overview of the GSA POC Role

Process to Register a Contract

Please see the tables below for the information you will need to register. To avoid obstacles in the registration process, please have this information on hand before registering. You may not be able to complete your registration without this required information.

      • All companies must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and your SAM registration must be active (not expired) in order to register in ASSIST. If you are unsure, please go to to check your SAM registration.
      • DUNS Number - Data Universal Numbering System. Call Dun & Bradstreet at 1-800-333-0505 or 703-824-8383 or check the website at if you need assistance with your DUNS number.
      • NAICS Code(s) - North American Industry Classification System. when the company is registered for the first time, NAICS codes are required. For more information:
      • CAGE Code - Commercial and Government Entity Code: Contractors will need to go to the System for Award Management site,, and perform a CCR Search by clicking on "Search Records" to see if your company already has a CAGE code. If not, your company will need to add a SAM Record on the site to be assigned one. You'll need your DUNS number first.
      • Payment terms
      • Company Classification (i.e. Small Business, Women-owned, etc.)
      • Company Type (i.e. Corporation, Sole Proprietor, etc.)
      • Industry Type (i.e., Retail trade, Telecommunications, etc.)
      • Company Tax ID (nine digit number)
      • Office Phone
      • Office FAX
      • Company Point of Contact Information (POC) Name, Phone and email
      • Contract Numbers