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See Contracting Officer

Acceptance Information
Invoice acceptance form on ITSS. Contractors submit this form indicating how much they will be invoicing for the order, or for a particular service month. Clients can accept, partially accept, or reject the amount submitted by the contractor.

Alternate: An alternate is a contractor registered under the same company as the primary contractor. The alternate has the same access privileges to the order as the primary and receives the same e-mail notifications.

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          The order from the COI to the first purchase order.

          See Best and Final Offer

          Best and Final Offer
          Through negotiations, a CSR and the contractor may settle on a final offer different from the contractor's original bid. The final quote is referred to as the "best and final offer."
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See Certification of Funds.

Certification of Funds
A document under a basic order or a modification that tracks which funding documents and citations are being applied to the order and how much is being (un)dedicated to it. Also called a CERT.

Government employee or a contractor employed by a government organization. Clients place orders and indicate acceptance on documents like the Market Analysis, Acceptance Information, and Monthly Status Reports.

Client Rep
See Client. Short for Client Representative.

Contracting Officer
GSA staff person who signs purchase orders, thereby awarding orders to contractors. Often referred to as ACO or CO in the system.

Employee of a private company, or industry partner. Contractors submit quotes for orders, and once awarded, they create support documents. Also known as a vendor.

Customer Service Representative
Usually referred to as a CSR. This is a GSA representative who acts as the primary liaison between the client and the contractors. CSRs are typically responsible for processing orders, with the exception of signing purchase orders or marking CERTS as Funds Available. CSR are occasionally referred to as ITMs (Information Technology Managers).

See Customer Service Representative.

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ITM: Information Technology Manager. See Customer Service Representative.

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Order ID: This is a tracking code that is assigned by the GSA Customer Service Representative (CSR). Orders that have not been given an Order ID will display "Unassigned." The Order ID is also known as the 'project number' or 'task order ID.'

Order Leg
Each separate portion of the order package is referred to as an order leg. For example, the basic order leg would include all documents from the COI through the first purchase order. If the order package contained an order modification following the basic order leg, it would be considered a new order leg and would contain the order modification, as well as the certification of funds and the purchase order that go along with the order mod.

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Peers (Client)
Client Peers are people who are registered under the same organization as the client and who have the same access privileges to orders as the client. In other words, peers can read, edit, and submit any document on the system that the client can. They also receive the same e-mail notifications. Peers can be listed on an order by order basis, but the client can also designate a list of default peers in his or her registration account which will automatically grant peer access to the client orders.

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Secure Sockets Layer
Commonly called SSL, secure sockets layers are an industry-standard method for ensuring that information sent over the Internet remains confidential and secure. SSL encrypts the data sent back and forth between the IT-Solutions server and your browser for maximum protection of your information.

See Secure Sockets Layer .

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See Contractor.

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